Life in Recovery

Take that First Step.
1. Admitted You were POWERLESS over (Alcohol & Drugs)
The first step is admitting you have a problem, once you admit that you have a problem you can seek help for your problem. It takes some people there whole lives to finally ADMIT they are powerless over the stuff.

2. Find a 12 Step Meeting in your area (AA or NA)
I’ve been going to AA meeting for years , the past two years is when i really started to pay attention and see a change in my life. WE are all brothers and sisters we all have the same disease so its nice to be able to share with others that are going through the same things as us. We are not alone on this journey. I have met tons of great friends through the program and they all just want to help other people see that life is (GOOD GOD IS GOOD) My life is totally different then my using days. While i was using i could care less about you or myself, but we don’t have to be that way anymore.

3. Start going to meetings you MUST change your (People , Places & Things ) You must do this if you are going to be successful in being sober.